Game Heuristics – Part 2

Knowing your audience is half the battle won.But the other half was yet to be won. Now the focus was on defining the game specifications.Google search did turn up lot of material about general game heuristics.But there was one Powerpoint presentation from a research paper published by a Canadian university that really pulled everything together.I will soon track down that url and post it “here”.

In a nutshell here are the bullet points of each of the game design heuristics that we considered –

  • Accessibility – Making the game easy to approach, understand and play.
  • Interruptability – Taking advantage of asynch, spontaneous and irregular play sessions.
  • Continuity – Providing continuous game world which attracts the player to come back.
  • Discovery – Providing new experiences, content and surprises.
  • Virality – Supporting viral growth in the player’s social network.
  • Narrativity – Creating in-game and off-game narratives that elicit curiosity.
  • Expression – Supporting self-discovery, customization and virtual spaces
  • Sharing – Collaborating with friends by gifting and boosting
  • Sociability – Supporting sociability among friends in the game dynamics
  • Competition – Promoting playful social competition with others.

All our efforts were directed towards crafting game features in ways that are unique to the game.SEDUCTION is our maiden effort.We welcome all feedback from our players and will continue to improve .All bouquets and brickbats are most welcome.

Try out the game and let us know about your experiences.

Next.. team building..

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